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Despite facing many difficulties and challenges due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, which is complicated, unpredictable and difficult to control; Natural disasters occur; The US-China trade war continues to affect the import and export of goods, ...

   Despite facing many difficulties and challenges due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, which is complicated, unpredictable, and difficult to control; Natural disasters occur; The US-China trade war continues to affect the import and export of goods...The selling prices of commodities are unstable, deeply and for a long time, such as rubber, wood products, animal feed, fierce competition for rubber, cassava, wood, etc. factory. Many private units opened in the same area, creating competition, contraband, and counterfeit goods were rampant, affecting the Company's group of imported goods from Thailand. The African swine fever epidemic in livestock production, affecting the production of animal feed, production in moderation, the customer market shrunk... has affected the results of production and business activities but the joint-stock company Quang Tri Trading Corporation is still trying to complete the plan of the General Meeting of Shareholders in 2020. Accordingly, revenue 930 billion, profit 30.19 billion, local budget 54.2 billion, the average income of employees 9.9 million VND/person/month, dividend 30.55%.


Nghị quyết Đại hội đồng cổ đông thường niên năm 2021 đã được các cổ đông thông qua

   Results of production, processing, and trading, and service activities:
   In 2020, the production and business activities of Huong Hoa Tapioca Starch Factory took place in the context of intertwined advantages and disadvantages, but with the drastic direction of the Board of Directors, the flexible management of the Board of Directors along with the efforts of the Board of Directors. The efforts of all factory employees, the investment of resources, capital and equipment in the right direction, promotion of technical improvement initiatives, reward and punishment regimes, have promptly encouraged the spirit of labor, creativity, and contribution. with the Company to exceed the set targets. Tapioca Starch Factory has produced 46,747 tons of starch/plan 45,870 tons of starch, reaching 102% of the plan; an increase of 5,153 tons compared to 2019; Production of cassava baits reached 10,006 tons/plan of 12,000 tons, total factory revenue of 451,951 billion VND. Regarding micro-fertilizers, 656 tons have been produced. Last year, the factory continued to restructure the management apparatus, organize production, invest in equipment, improve quality, develop new models, actively mobilize farmers to fertilize, expand sales agents for Agricultural cooperatives, farms, looking for output markets, the factory has also been researching and testing to produce fertilizers not only for cassava but also for rice.
   For the rubber sector: In 2020, world rubber prices will continue to fluctuate, unpredictable developments, raw material sources will continue to be in short supply, fierce competition of factories in raw material areas and markets. output field. The US-China trade war greatly affects the situation of rubber exports to the Chinese market, other factors affect. In addition, the personnel work at the factory has changed. The company promptly and directly directed drastically and closely, rearranged and re-arranged the head of the Factory, and directed changes in the management of the Factory's Board of Directors. As a result, the factory's general operation situation was stable, production and business targets were quite high: 5,661 tons were purchased and processed, of which 630 tons were processed, 1,491 tons were purchased and sold, and 135 tons were purchased and sold. % of the plan 1,100 tons, the revenue reached 194.3 billion do, reaching 169% of the plan, contributing to the Company's completion of the set targets;
  In the past year, Dong Ha Agricultural Products Processing Factory and 8S store are doing well as a focal point to promote and sell agricultural products in the province, support people to sell stable output, create an advanced product chain. to penetrate the market and have made many efforts in carrying out assigned political tasks such as: selling goods to stabilize prices during Tet and during the Covid epidemic season, selling agricultural products, stocking and stocking goods for prevention and control. flood protection for the two mountainous districts of Dakrong and Huong Hoa, participate in political activities such as fairs, exhibitions, etc. to enhance the value and create a brand of agricultural products in the province.
   For import business: imported products from Thailand are expanded and developed in new quantities and types, although the increase in USD exchange rate affects the increase in selling prices, there are many competitors and The situation of counterfeit goods is increasing day by day, but due to the good quality and branded goods, the Company has created a wide network throughout the country, these products bring about high business efficiency. revenue of imported consumer goods in 2020 reached 151.3 billion VND, contributing to the brand.
    Some highlights:
   In 2020, the Company will continue to implement the plan of allocating margin profits to each unit, the units actively balance profit and loss but must ensure the requirements of the Company. The Board of Directors of the Company has developed strategies, goals, directed to prioritize market work, built a system, network, and personnel, searched for customer partners, traditional and new customers; Develop sales and advertising programs... at the same time, always give priority and focus regularly, in order to supplement and upgrade machinery and equipment for production in the direction of modernization and automation, to minimize manual labor. The expansion investment is directed to be implemented in a timely manner, so the quality of products and services, the prestige of the brand, the design, etc. is increasingly affirmed, meeting the business activities
     Planning 2021:
     2021 is a year with many difficulties, but the Company still determines the orientation change in the field of production and business and the restructuring of investment items as the foundation for the long-term development orientation of the Company. company. Focusing on investing deeply in the fields of agriculture and rural areas, while strengthening corporate governance, reorganizing work, reorganizing production, and business services. The division achieves the following targets: revenue: 1,000 billion VND, 55 billion VND to the local budget, an average income of 10 million VND/month. In order to fulfill the planned targets and tasks in 2021, the Company continues to implement management and governance solutions, ensuring the stability and sustainable development of the Company, mainly focusing on the following issues: to do well the content of "Nghị quyết ĐHĐCĐ năm 2021", promptly promulgate policies to direct and operate all aspects of activities and at the same time overcome the shortcomings and weaknesses of the Board of Directors that still exist. Closely grasp the market's movements, especially during the unpredictable Covid-19 epidemic to have flexible response solutions. Develop and expand material areas to meet operating factories, including Laos side, continue to research and invest deeply in the Company's products from tapioca starch, refined wood processing. , rubber, animal feed, research on rice production according to organic standards, VietGAP, research on converting the area to growing galangal and galangal starch production. Strengthen effective management and exploitation of invested assets; reviewing economic and technical norms to gradually reduce costs for factories, making comparisons, ensuring competitiveness, and achieving high efficiency after investment. Actively integrating into the world, looking for partners, customers, funding sources of domestic and foreign organizations to expand production activities of factories, strengthen the promotion of tourism services of the Company. the company, brand Sepon Group. In addition, financial management must be tight, maintain well the work of contract management, administration, inspection, and control, so as not to let bad debts arise.